we're known for giving 5% off everything on the internet.

now make that 7%.

mai tu liao!

before you continue, you might want to ask...

who are we?

we're a singapore-headquarted online marketplace/community that connects creditcard holders standing to earn rewards with discount-seeking you. we take part of the monetary value of their rewards and share it with you in the form of an upfront discount.

how does it work?

banks and credit card companies give cardholders rewards for hitting certain spending levels. the cardholders to whom you'll be matched stand to gain these rewards that are worth, say, $70 a month. for an item worth $100 requested by you, you pay $95 (now $93) and we disburse $90 to the cardholder. he pays $100 to the merchant to earn his miles and loses $10 but gaining $70 in the process.

any catches?

yes. because the other party is already using a credit card, you can't use one. also, please don't request for $1 transactions (though there is no minimum). read more at our faq page.

ready? awesome. submit your email below, and use that same email on your first 3 requests (no expiry date!)