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What is this?

Swapie makes giving transparent and purposeful. We approach social workers for gift requests, shop for the item, and allow you purchase on behalf.

Why am I here?

As an alumni / friend of the club, SPLEO has enlisted your help to do good and raise funds for the club. For every dollar you give, the current students earn a token fee to run their club.

How does this work?

(1) choose a cause below, (2) choose an item that fits your budget, (3) check out using promo code  SPLEO . Your spend counts towards rebates on your credit card!

Choose a cause you're passionate about:


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Latest Giving Requests

Click into each item to read about beneficiary details and the requesting social service organizations.

Requesting Agencies

Here are some of the social service agencies from which we have posted syndicated requests:

Hear It From Others


COVID-19 is making it difficult for many families. I’m glad that I can connect with and help those in need during this tough time!

Nur Aini

Just completed a request for a family's internet bills. This way I know that I can make a long term impact on the kids having HBL.

Wee Kiat

Happy to give back through Swapie's platform. It's a simple process with no lengthy back-and-forth emails.

About Us

We are a financial technology (fintech) firm which believes in making consumption meaningful and rewarding. We make people know what they're paying for and what they're getting.

Founded in 2019, we are based in the hub of Singapore's innovation ecosystem at one-north. Our team's experiences ranges from e-commerce, banking, and analytics, among others


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