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Reward Yourself for Giving

We help you earn credit card rebates and hit your targets when you help communities in need.


Make Purchases On Behalf

View requests and 'Add to Cart' within your abilities. No more contributing to fill a 100% bar. 

100% Transparent Giving

Every dollar you've given to help communities in need, fully reported at your fingertips.


Earn Cashback

Track and earn more of your favourite loyalty rebates as you make purchases for communities in need.

Fuss-free Fulfillment

Be guided along each step of the way to help and earn at the same time. No sob stories. No guilt trips.


Sounds Like It's Up My Alley

One more piece of good news: Swapie is totally free to use!




COVID-19 is making it difficult for many families. I’m glad that I can connect with and help those in need during this tough time!


Nur Aini

Just accepted a recurring request on SwapieSocial. This way I know that I can make a long term impact on the beneficiaries.


Wee Kiat

Happy to give back through SwapieSocial. It's a simple process with no lengthy back-and-forth emails

Maybe Not Now...

...but can you send something to my inbox? I promise I'll bookmark it!


As a facilitating platform, Swapie will never handle or ask for your money. However, we are able to provide documentation of your charitable deed upon request.

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