About the Product


Contactless masks are produced by a social enterprise in Laos. The mask’s fabric is environment friendly and approved by global leading certification such as SGS and Intertek for its effectiveness in killing germs and antibacterial protection. The product is designed with key features such as antibacterial, anti-odor, anti-acne, UV protection, together with a lanyard design. Unlike other reusable masks which only can wash up to 30 times, its antibacterial properties is proven to sustain at least 150 washes.


Why Contactless Mask?
– Social impact (Each mask contributes a cooked meal to the elderly in need)
– Environmental impact (reduce plastic pollution from surgical masks)
– High breathability (Even for HIIT Workouts)
– Protects consumers from bacterial even after 150 washes
– Adjustable size for even small faces
– Adjustable metal nose bridge (does not fog up spectacles)

1 Mask for a Student in Nepal

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