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What to Include in Social Media Posts

Before churning out content for social media posts, it is important to determine the general demographic of the target audience. This would involve research to ensure the posts are relevant and that the content addresses the needs and interests of the target group. A great way to be more connected with any audience is to ensure that the collateral and content posted seems to be by someone of a similar demographic as them. This would increase their sense of familiarity with the platform.

Ways to Appeal to Your Audience

1 Use Their Vocabulary

Connect with any audience by researching the phrases they use and include their slang in all social media posts. For example, if the target group is Gen Z, the phrases that are incorporated into the posts would not make sense to an older audience. Every age group uses different slangs. It is important to do enough research and the easiest way to do so is to engage someone of similar age to the target audience to design the collateral.

2 Create a Unique Personality

A brand’s personality is important to appeal to an audience. Every company should have their own marketing tone. Examples of tones are friendly, corporate, cheerful and young, solemn and serious or encouraging. Most often, the brand’s personality is inspired by how the company started. Some companies also post their collateral from the point of view of a mascot. There are many different marketing personalities and each company is different but regardless, the tone should be kept consistent throughout the posts as consistency builds up familiarity.

3 Positivity

Successful posts tend to have a positive tone. This does not necessarily mean every post has to be cheerful as there are times where a post could be addressing a serious issue. However, the ending should be hopeful and the call-to-action should be an idea that inspires people to take action. For instance, a post from a youth group which addresses the issue of bullying will end with a call-to-action that encourages people to stand up to bullies.

4 Keep Things Short and Simple

Time is gold. If the content in the social media post is too long, the reader might drift off and scroll past it. It would be hard to keep their attention on the post. To retain their attention, the content should be easy to read by all age groups. A way to do so is to avoid using “flowery language” and write at the level of a 12 year old. Assuming that the reader has a short attention span, there should be headings and bullet points to make it easier to skim through at a glance. A tip would be to keep paragraphs under 5 lines each and social media slides with less than 30 words each.

5 Use Videos and pictures

Using visuals, in particular pictures and videos, can be an effective way to tell a story to an audience. If the social media posts get inevitably wordy, appealing 2D vectors and graphics can retain attention. Pictures and videos should be kept to the same theme - aligned to the brand - and have a positive outlook as well. The vector graphics that are used should also be a similar theme depending on the company’s branding guide.

6 Add a Call-to-action (CTA)

A CTA, as its name suggests, calls the user to (take) an action. Without a CTA, viewers most likely will not do anything, much less what the brand intends for them to do, after viewing the content. CTAs should also carry a personal tone - one which addresses the user directly.

Examples of CTAs:

  • Ask them to like, share, comment, or subscribe to your social media posts.

  • Ask them to connect with you on other social media channels

  • Direct them to another piece of content

  • Send them to a landing page

  • Direct them to your website

Conclusion The content of the social media post should align with the company’s goals and brand direction. Before starting on social media marketing, it is good to know the importance of posting social media posts to appreciate the outcome of the effort put into designing the social media posts. We have explored this in another article: The Importance of Social Media Marketing.

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