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Ways to earn more rewards in 2021

Have you heard about banks cutting interest rates in 2021? But what does this mean for you? Generally, with less interest to be earned, the savvier ones may be investing in other products, but the rest of us are not giving up on making our money worthwhile! If you are interested in ways you can earn more rewards this year, read on 😊

  1. Google Pay

Image Source: Great Deals and Promotions in Singapore

If you have not heard about it, you can earn $3 just by signing up for Google Pay.

What sets Google Pay apart from other applications is that Google Pay offers cashbacks of up to $10 in the scratchcard format when you send or receive money from friends and family (maximum of 3 times a week). Apart from that, Tap & Pay in a local store with Google Pay offers the same cashback of up to $10 with a minimum $3 per transaction (capped at 4 times a week).

One major chance we are spotting here is that you normally do not earn cashbacks on your PayNow transfers to your friends so, sign up before the cashbacks are gone!

2. Swapie

Image Source: Swapie

Did you know with every $10,000 credit card limit, you are missing out on up to $300 worth of rewards every month? Just imagine all the sweet little treats you can get with all these rebates which seemed to be out of reach without spending more.

Swapie’s “Others Buy, You Earn” model allows you to get these rebates out of your credit card by settling an SME’s invoices on their behalf. They would pay you back a smaller amount though, say 2% less than the charged value, but you already have had your 4% or 5% cashback to offset it!

In addition, refer a friend for an additional $5 cashback on their first transaction! We are not sure how long this referral program will last but fastest fingest will sure get it! Sign up now!

3. EZ-link

Image Source: Fintech Singapore

And no, not all rewards require you to have a bank or credit card! Now you can earn rewards while shopping, dining or commuting using your EZ-Link cards or charms. Earn 10 points for every $1 spent. Points can be used to redeem exciting rewards from merchants like Gong Cha, Shopee and more! Also, if you find yourself taking the public transport with your ezlink card, (talk about how to earn points while) Let's see how you can start earning now!

4. ShopBack Coupons

Image Source: ShopBack SG

Most of you have heard of ShopBack, but what about ShopBack Coupons? ShopBack Coupons allows you to minimise your spending and maximise your savings. All you have to do is find a merchant you are interested in purchasing from, get the code and apply it when you are checking out your purchases. Now with ShopBack Coupons, you do not really need to wait for the Great Singapore Sale to splurge on shopping! Click here to see if the merchants you are thinking of have coupons for you to earn cashbacks on!

A penny saved is a penny earned! It is as important to save money as it is to earn money. Every small effort counts! If you were to ask me, Swapie would be my favourite! Totally no biasness here 😝. So, take some time to think about it and choose your favourite (or maybe all) so you can start saving today!

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