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4 Ways to Automate Your Work

As technology advances, humans have slowly started to automate small tasks to save time and increase convenience. Although the time saved may seem mediocre, the total amount of time and effort that you actually save is much more than expected. Automation is meant to simplify and take over tasks but it should not completely replace your job, you would still have to check it to ensure there are no slip-ups. In this article, we share some ways that you can automate your work!

1 Email Campaigns

It would take a huge amount of time to send out over 50 emails one by one, changing the content individually to fit your recipient’s details. Spending time to manually change the recipient email, tweak the content and carbon copy (commonly known as cc) your other colleagues or your boss before sending it out would not be an efficient use of your time. Some tools would allow you to automate the process. Examples of such applications are and Mailchimp!

These tools allow you to mail out newsletters, promotions or outreach emails to a list of recipients. All you have to do is to add a list of emails, the recipient’s first names, company names or any personalised information you would tweak in the email.

As a user of both and Mailchimp, the author recommends as it allows scheduling of emails that follows up if the recipient opened the email but has not replied with the analytics tracked. also provides a flowchart for the user to plan out the email campaign until the end goal is reached and when they would like to schedule follow-up emails.

2 Scheduling Meetings

Scheduling meetings could be a hassle especially if many people are involved in the same meeting. An automation that you might already have is google calendar! Using Google calendar, you can schedule meetings during free timings on your coworkers’ schedule (assuming that everyone’s calendar is shared with everyone in the company).

If someone proposes an inconvenient timing, you could also counter-propose a new timing. All notifications will be sent to their Gmail inbox but out of courtesy, do drop your co-workers a message! Repeated meetings can also be scheduled in advance so everyone knows to keep that time free weekly.

If you have to schedule a meeting with clients or external parties, you could use Calendly! Calendly allows the other person to select a time based on their availability out of the timings you have proposed in the app. With the proposed timings, it makes things a lot easier as it reduces back and forth communication continuously, just to decide on a suitable date and time to discuss.

3 Scheduling Social Media

Spending time to manage social media could be converted into time spent more productively. Many online platforms can help to post on your behalf at a stipulated date and time. All you have to do is churn out content in advance. After building up a bank of content, you can leave it to the automation tool which will publish the posts at the times you stipulate. Such tools include Buffer and Coschedule! However, this might not work for everyone as some brands might prefer to churn fresh content weekly instead of preparing a content bank, so choose the plan that works best for you!

4 Proofreading

There are times when words are overlooked even after they have been proofread countless times. For those who have to write emails and articles for work, mistakes (especially of one's own) might not be immediately obvious at first glance. The best way to solve this is to use proofreading tools such as Grammarly.

Although many documents already have spelling and grammar checks, Grammarly also checks on the tone for your emails or your essay! This could help you sound more professional or more casual, depending on your audience. Grammarly sometimes also suggests words that are more apt for usage in the sentence that you or your coworker might not have thought about when you are proofreading. This saves time for not only you but also your coworkers as your team can spend less time vetting grammatical errors and spelling mistakes but instead spend more time churning other documents or outreaching to clients


Automation is meant to simplify tasks in your life but it is not meant to completely take over your job scope and complete the tasks for you. These tools are meant to provide assistance and are not your replacements so you would still have to check to ensure these automation tools do not make any mistakes! We hope these tools are helpful for you, and can hopefully help you to spend your time more efficiently.

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