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The Ultimate HR Guide SME needs in 2021

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In the early years of the business, the entrepreneur of the business is usually the Human Resource (HR) person. In this article, we will be sharing some handy HR tips you, the business owner, can use to get your HR right before you expand and have your own human resource team.

  1. Have a good Job Description

Getting this right is essential as it allows potential candidates to know what you expect of them. Your job description should not be too vague, you should detail the roles and responsibilities of an employee accurately enough so candidates can understand exactly what is expected of them. Job seekers want to know what they are signing up for when they apply for the opportunity your company is providing. Ensure that you have a clear and concise job summary that is easy to read and understand.

2. Get the New Staff up to Speed

After spending so much effort to hire the right person, the last thing you want to do is to lose them. But that is exactly what can happen if you do not have the right on-boarding training. As you are just starting out, spend more time training the first few new additions yourself. Take some time to understand your new employees on a personal level as they will be very important helpers for you. Only after you have grown beyond just a few employees, you then will need to create a formal training plan that includes but not limited to your company, behaviours expected, your business structure and so on.

3. Have Timely Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a great way to help employees grow in their careers. Take some time every quarter to help your employees grow. Try to keep them engaged and loyal to your business. In the event there are any performance issues or concerns, address them in a timely manner so that your employees will have time to change and improve.

4. Employee Recognition

Never underestimate the value of employee recognition. Even if you do not have large budgets to use to recognize employees' effort, there are still many interesting and creative ways to recognise employees. Let your employees know that you care about them and you appreciate the effort they put into your business. You can do this by commending your employee’s work in your team chat, bring them out for a meal to thank them for their work or anything you think they will like and appreciate.

Here’s some HR Software you can use!

  1. Carbonate

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Carbonate HR Solutions helps you with the entire HR processes from hiring talents, managing them in daily operations and handling exit, all without a fuss! In addition, Carbonate helps you claim up to 80% PSG and other government grants!

2. ADP Performance Management

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ADP Performance Management provides performance management solutions that focus employees on continuous improvement, facilitates conversation between staff and managers, and points individuals in the direction that benefits your company.

3. Bamboo HR

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When you think it’s time to stop bootstrapping and invest in a ladder, Bamboo HR just might be the right HR software can provide the boost you need to unlock the benefits of well-managed employees.

Do not lose passion for what you do. Find the right people to join your team so they can help you pull through during tough times. Share this article with any business owner who you know will get something out of this! 😄

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