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The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide

Marketing to business is not the same as marketing to individual consumers. Which is why business to business (B2B) marketing exists. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of B2B marketing and how you can help your business grow with such strategies.

  1. What is B2B Marketing

B2B marketing refers to the marketing of goods and services to other businesses and organisations. B2B marketing is generally more informational and straightforward as compared to business to consumer (B2C) marketing because as compared to consumers, organization purchase decisions are usually based more on bottom-line revenue, return on investment and efficiency as compared to consumers who usually purchase based on feelings.

B2B Marketing Best Practices

B2B Email Marketing

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With 93% of B2B marketers using email marketing, it is important for your organization to successfully leverage on email marketing for engagement to turn into subscribers into leads and lastly into customers.

1. Write an enticing subject line

Think about your email subject line as a movie trailer - if you fail to hook your audience with a three-minute clip, then do not expect them to watch your movie. Same for sending an email, your subject line is the three-minute clip that should entice your audience to open the email and read.

2. Stick to one call-to-action (CTA) if possible

Take a look at all the emails you have received, some are packed with more than 10 different CTA while some have only 1 CTA. Having too many CTA may put your readers in a situation where they are unsure which to click on first and ultimately clicking on none. With only 1 CTA per email allows your audience to focus and understand the content in your email and the only one action they should take.

3. Ensure your email designs are responsive

At times, some emails do not show up correctly on mobile devices and are often ignored or deleted by readers, do not let your email be one of them. Before sending an email out, take the effort to check that your email is both responsive on mobile and desktops.

4. Try cold emailing

There is nothing wrong with sending cold emails because the right email can still convert to new customers.

B2B Social Media Marketing

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Social media is not just for brands targeting customers, social media are also used by companies when making a purchase. Although there is a lengthier sales cycle and a longer chain of command for business consumers which is why it is harder to use social media to connect with business consumers as compared to individual consumers. B2B social media marketing is still useful for consumers.

1. Create a social media account

Having social media allows you to connect with your customers and can be used as a tool to build brand awareness and create an online personality.

2. Create a subsidiary culture account

You can consider creating a culture account (like @yourcompanynameLife) to show what is going on at work, not just what you are selling. This is because content shared by your employees will lead to more than 8 times more engagement as compared to content shared by brands. Also, this might help you attract talents as well!

3. Share relevant content

Audiences can tell the difference between original content versus something you post for the sake of posting. Instead of trying to always be active on your platform and providing content that is boring or not relevant try to scale back a little and spend more time on creating relevant useful content for your audience.

4. Use multimedia

You should leverage on the different multimedia formats found in different channels such as Instagram stories, Twitter polls and LinkedIn documents. This allows you to increase the interest factor in your audience.

Marketing isn’t effective unless your audience remembers you. Your marketing should be done in a way it helps you communicate how your business can help theirs. Use these practices to connect better with your audience.

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