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The Importance of Self-care

In the current pandemic, many people are working from home. Generally, there are two different groups of people - one which enjoys working from home as they cut down on travel time, and enjoy a comfortable work environment, while the other dislikes WFH as it tends to blur the boundaries between work and life.

It is of little doubt that the latter often find themselves more stressed as they find it harder to say no when colleagues ask them to help with more work. Working-from-home can hence be seen as a double edged sword, with stress levels increasing due to such more casual arrangements.

Self-care, naturally, has started to take an increasingly important place in our lives as well. We have put together this guide which we hope will help in your self-care journey!

1 You Deserve Downtime

Due to the fast-paced life in Singapore, employees are often expected to work productively, sometimes even during weekends. The pandemic and the convenience of Zoom meetings makes it easier to schedule weekend meetings. This tends to take away protected time that should be meant for self-care. Nonetheless, despite the gruelling demands of work or school, it is important to remember that self-care should not be seen as a luxury, but a necessity.

You would be surprised by how much of a difference having a few hours of self-care a week can make to your life. Taking some downtime can allow you to come back stronger than before as you are more rejuvenated and ready to face the challenges at work. Taking time to relax allows you to adopt a healthier mindset, and makes you more likeable to be around - which in turn boosts your productivity in teams as well!

2 What Works Differs

It is important to note that every individual is different, and each person has their own, unique way of destressing and unwinding. What works for one person might not work for another.

Often, friends and family would show their weekend ‘getaways’ off on social media - but that does not mean that letting your hair down has to cost you money either. Even something as simple as even going for a morning or evening jog/walk at your nearby p