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Apps to Increase Remote Work Productivity

Working from home is the default for many companies now. Companies have to manage and motivate a workforce that isn’t congregated in an office. Although company leaders can regularly check in on individual employees, it is quintessential that employees stay productive and motivated while working remotely in the comfort of their home. Here are some tools for remote workers to benefit from!

1 Notion

Notion is an application that can be accessed as long as there is internet. It allows its users to create and manage their own systems based on their preferences. It is a shared database for its users, allowing them to share calendars, kanban boards, meeting minutes, task progress and more. These systems can be used for a team where team members can work on a project on a notion page together or individually. Work can also be allocated to individual members in the team and the progress can be tracked in a table. Files and links can be embedded for convenient references within the theme as well.

2 Google Workplace (previously known as Google Suite)

Google Workplace consists of many functions including Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chats, Currents, Jamboard, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites and Forms. Some of these would not be foreign to many as they are often used even before remote work became the new normal. Google Workplace allows collaboration at real time amongst the workforce and ensures smooth sailing work as the progress can be monitored using the history function. Google Workplace can also be accessed on multiple devices for convenience.

3 Adobe Scan

There are often times where we need to urgently send a document to our clients or bosses. In times like these, we can use Adobe Scan on our mobile devices to scan the documents as though we are taking a photograph. This is especially useful for those without a scanner at home. Another instance would be to scan physical meeting notes and upload it on a shared cloud drive for everyone to view it together without worrying about the quality of the image taken.

4 RescueTime

RescueTime allows us to monitor your time spent on the computer and to block out distractions for a period of time to ensure we remain focused during that time. There are real time alerts to remind us to stay focused and it also tracks the time spent in meetings or calls with productivity reports for us to observe where we spent your time on, including which sites and applications.

We hope these tools would be helpful, and it surely would not harm to give any of them a try! All the best in maximising your productivity and impressing your boss!

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