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The Importance of Social Media Marketing

For the past decade, the internet and social media platforms have become one of the most powerful tools to promote services and products. Many successful companies use social media to their advantage to promote their merchandise.

However, it can be difficult to choose the right content for your social media collaterals that would attract your target audience and boost reach. Many businesses struggle with gaining viewers' attention because of poor marketing on social media. In this article, we will explore the importance of social media marketing.

Promoting on social media vs traditional media

Marketing and promotions to increase customer insight using social media platforms is comparatively less expensive and more efficient than using traditional media. Paying for billboards, and print ads are costly and are being seen as less effective today, as they don't allow for businesses to research who is viewing their products in depth as there is no concise analytics report unlike ads ran on social media where there is a breakdown of spending per click and accountability for the budget spent.

For traditional media, most of the information is blasted to a broad audience and not a specific demographic. Thus, businesses are paying to promote their product or service to people who might not be part of their selected demographic. Conversely, the extra budget spent could be used to specifically target more from the targeted demographic.

3 ways social media is a better marketing platform than traditional media

1 Understand your audience

With this accurate information, it allows for the business to create more appealing advertisements for the correct target audience. Social media platforms can help businesses understand their consumers' needs and ways to keep their products relevant in the market.

Social media not only allows the business to know more about their audience but also advertising. It provides data about how well each of the ads are doing. For example, data can include impressions, frequency and engagement. This can help businesses understand what types of advertising does best for certain groups and can help improve advertising for their next piece of content.

2 Brand recognition

Social media platforms increase brand recognition by promoting a brand’s content to new potential clients. Content and advertisements presented to the target audience will, over time, remind them of a brand. This will familiarize the client with the company's logo, slogan or products more than other methods.

The more a person interacts with a brand, the higher the retention rate which could directly convert to an increase in customer conversion rate. Common household brands with a distinct branding pattern, such as McDonalds with the letter M and the colours red and yellow, tend to stick in people’s minds longer. Thus, when a business is setting up their branding guide, a tip would be to make it unique and attractive to the average consumer.

3 Boost traffic

Social media can also boost inbound traffic as it reaches new people who have never seen a business's content or interacted with the brand before. Inbound traffic refers to traffic entering a platform or site. With other methods, a business is limited to the people who already know about the business thus, limiting the amount of growth and popularity a brand can gain. The more social media content a brand creates, the more people the brand can reach.

However, this extends beyond just social media marketing as content marketing on a whole is most important for an audience to establish their closeness and familiarity with a brand. Examples of content marketing are blog articles and useful infographics.

Conclusion: Ways social media can help your business

Social media platforms can help a business in multiple ways. They are less expensive than other methods and are more effective. They also help businesses understand their target audience better. In addition, an analysis of data can help with advertising.

Furthermore, social media can help with brand recognition and boost inbound traffic allowing for more potential customers. In conclusion, social media is an extremely powerful source to use for advertising a company's services and products.

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