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Home Bakeries making a Difference

When Singapore entered the Circuit Breaker, many F&B outlets were forced to close down and Singaporeans had to find alternatives to get their baked goods.

We also saw the emergence of home bakers, due to abundance of time, and the possible increase in (side) income. But with faith in their hearts, these 3 people have gone one step further, they used their home bakeries as a platform to ‘adopt’ social causes and give back to the community.

1. Able Bagel

Image: Bagel Sandwiches (left) and Owner of Able Bagel, Whang I-Wen (right)

Able Bagel is founded by Whang I-Wen who was looking for fluffy bagels in Singapore. This search led her to developing her own bagel recipe, which is inspired by Japanese Soft Bread. The bagels are sold at $3.50 each, with 5 different flavors to choose from, including Furikake and Cinnamon Raisin. People looking for something more filling can also order bagel sandwiches, such as the nasi lemak bagel Ahh Lemak ($14).

After “watching the world wind down” this year, I-Wen wanted to re-engage with the community. So, what better way to do so than to use her newly opened bagelry as a platform to give back? Each week, Able Bagel donates its profits to various charities, both local and overseas, including Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), SG Beyond Borders, YWCA Meals-on-Wheels, and Black Visions Collective.

So the next time you are craving some fluffy bagels, and want to play your part for the community, order from Able Bagel. They are open Wednesday to Sunday for pick-up and delivery. Delivery costs $8 islandwide but do check out their delivery schedule to see when they deliver to your area!

2. Nuttyoat

Image: Chocolate Granola and Cinnamon Pecan Granolafrom Nutty Oat

Are you an avid fan of granola? Check out Nuttyoat! Started by Denise Tan during the circuit breaker, Nuttyoat offers 3 flavours: Chocolate, Cashew Honey and Cinnamon Pecan. The granolas sell at $6.90 for 150g and $18.90 for 500g with free delivery for orders over $50.

Before starting Nuttyoat, Denise was already baking up these treats for friends and family. Then, the onslaught of Covid-19 made Denise look for ways to give back to the community and that’s when she decided to hold bake sales, pledging 50% of her profits to charity. To date, she has helped Chen Su Lan Methodist Children Home, Hope Worldwide Singapore and many more.

If you’re keen on having some delicious treats for tomorrow’s breakfast, you can head over to Nuttyoat IG and DM them to order!

3. Curated by Suz

Image: Bakes for Teachers’ Day by Curated by Suz

Curated by Suz sells halal cakes and cookies that are lovingly made by mothers from low-income families. Some of its best bakes are Chocolate Chip Cookies ($28) and Cranberry Cookies ($34).

Founded by Suzlina Rahman, Curated by Suz empowers and employs single mothers and stay-at-home mothers to not just help them earn some extra income, but more importantly, remind them of their strength and worth.

Suzlina has committed up to 80% of the profits for this group of ladies to help them through difficult times. So if you purchase from this home bakery, you will find comfort that they don’t pocket fat margins, instead channelling your money somewhere deserving.

Treat Yourself, Help Others

Even though the shops have opened up, do keep these bakeries in mind the next time you want a treat. After all, what can be better than doing good while eating good?

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