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Essential Gadgets to Boost Productivity and Comfort

With working from home or home based learning being the default for the majority of us, productivity and comfort should be our utmost priority. Working comfortably allows us to be more productive in the long run as well.

If you are with higher grade technology that allows you to work comfortably and productively, you can also spend less time completing tasks without compromising the quality and work towards self improvement by taking on more tasks! Spending your time at work productively can also mean less overtime work after office hours, allowing you to get ample rest and spend time doing things you enjoy with your loved ones.

1 Wireless mouse

The trackpad on most laptops forces you to work on a small surface and getting a wireless mouse allows you to work comfortably without having your shoulders hunched towards the trackpad all day. Getting a wireless mouse is better than a wired one, especially if you already have a lot of cables around your desk. Fewer cables allow you more space for your physical documents and a less cluttered workspace.

Wireless mouses today are less of a hassle compared to the past as they have an improved battery life and the bluetooth connection does not falter as much as it did before. Using the wireless mouse today is as seamless as using a wired mouse, with less cable management.

We have put together some recommendations for wireless mouses for you! It is important to note that the size of your mouse should fit comfortably in your hand and we suggest you head to your local technology store to try out the one that is most suitable for you and the one you like the most.

1. Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse

This mouse is a favourite for its affordability and softer clicks, all thanks to the new technology that reduced the sounds of the click by over 90%, all while ensuring the quality of the mouse does not get neglected.

2. Logitech M190 Full-Size Wireless Mouse

For those with medium to larger hands, this mouse allows comfortable use up to 10 metres away and can last up to 18 months on an AA battery cell as power-saving mode kicks in automatically when you are not using the mouse.

2 Mechanical keyboard

Getting a mechanical keyboard might not be a must for many as there are people who are content working on the built in keyboards. However, there are some who indulge in the satisfying sounds that the mechanical keyboard makes.

Speaking from the author’s experience, having a mechanical keyboard allows you to type faster and more comfortably, with some keyboards featuring indentations on certain keys for familiarity and ergonomics. Some of us might also enjoy hearing the sounds of the keys clicking as they keep us going while typing!

It is also key (no pun intended) to know the types of keys available - linear, tactile and clicky. Linear keys are smooth and consistent with less noise. Tactile keys make moderate noise but the bump can increase typing accuracy. Clicky keys are the loudest. It depends on your personal preference and we do encourage you to explore which type of key is your favourite.

Once again, here are some of our recommendations!

1. Ducky Keyboards

This is one of the most popular mechanical keyboards today due to its customisation potential. You can choose the size you like and custom the keycaps when you wish to, as well as choose the type of key you prefer. This keyboard is every keyboard lover’s dream and is no doubt extremely popular today.

Depending on the country you are based in, you can visit their webpage to see which companies are their recognised distributors!

For those based in Singapore, you can visit this page.

2. N520 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set

If you are searching for a more affordable keyboard or would like something less expensive for casual users, you can consider buying this set. The keys are round and friendly for smaller fingers. There are many stores on Shopee or other online platforms that you can consider which also offer many colour combinations and different types of keys.