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Creative ways to give back to society

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When it comes to giving back to the society, most of us think of donating money or time. While these are great ways to get involved in the causes that you are passionate about, there are other ways that you can contribute too. In this article, we will look at ways that you can do good and have your own twist at it.

Start an Instagram account for a cause

Social media is a great way to build a community. Oftentimes non-profit organisations don’t have the resources to maintain an active social media presence. If you have a knack for social media marketing, why not give it a go? The account doesn’t even have to be specific to an organisation. It could be a general account about the cause you care about. When the beneficiaries or organisations are strained for resources, you can bring together this amazing community that you have built to provide support.

Be a mentor

Mentorships are perhaps one of the most rewarding ways to give back. You are directly involved with the beneficiaries and through the process you get to see firsthand the impact that you have on someone’s life. It could be incredibly difficult for underprivileged youth to imagine a vastly different future when people around you are plagued by the same problems. In this way, your mentorship will not only provide optimism but also concrete steps that the mentees can take to reach where you are. With that said, bear in mind that mentorship requires a higher level of commitment in terms of time and emotional support.

Make holidays special for everyone

A huge portion of the contributions that go to underserved communities aim to address basic needs. You have probably donated dry food, clothes, or home appliances. However, it is important to remember that the beneficiaries also want to celebrate the moments that matter to them just like the rest of us. If you are looking for a new way to give back to society, consider hosting holiday parties for the less fortunate. I’m sure it will be fun for everyone involved!

Host a trivia session for senior citizens

As mentioned, fun shouldn’t be a privilege. As an ageing society, there are many senior citizens that stay in nursing homes. Their days can be very mundane. This is an opportunity for you to get involved if you would like to do something for the elderly. You can host a trivia or game session for senior citizens. It could be really fun to learn about what they are interested in. That’s a time machine right there waiting for you to take the ride!

In Closing

Giving back doesn’t have to be just about donating money or volunteering. You can play by your own rules too. I hope that I have sparked some ideas that you are excited to try out the next time you get involved in a cause.

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