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Back to Office: Things to take note

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As announced on March 24, Singapore will be moving towards a more “flexible and hybrid” way of working. From 5th April onwards, more employees will be allowed to return to their workplace and split team arrangements will no longer be necessary with no limit on the proportion of an employee’s working time that can be spent at the workplace.

Here’s some safety measures issued by the Ministry of Manpower to follow at the workplace:

1. Have staggered start times, flexible working hours

Employees must encourage staggered start times to ensure all employees are well spread out to reduce possible congregation at office entrances and lobbies. This will aid in reducing crowds in public places such as public transport.

2. Working from home encouraged

Despite Singapore opening up for more employees to return to office to support business operations and in-person collaboration, employers are still encouraged to allow employees to work from home as much as possible to limit the number of people in the workplace at any point in time. If possible, firms should continue having virtual meetings.

3. Up to 50 people at work events

There is a 50-person limit for work events to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection where attendees have to maintain a 1m safe distancing. Employers should avoid hosting events over meal time too.

4. Social gatherings remain limited to 8

Although there is a 50 person cap for work events, social recreational activities are still limited to 8 people. Gatherings of more than a single group of eight people are still not allowed.

5. Employers have to have sufficient face mask

Your employer must have enough face masks for all its employees so as to allow employees to replace their mask when needed. Employees should also look into the working environment provided and try to make it conducive for employees to sustain wearing their masks for a long period of time.

Remember how it was so hard to adapt when Singapore was in a lock down and all of us had to work from home? Transition is always hard but as time passes we will all get used to it. If you are dreading going back to the office, think of all the positive things and let’s hope we all get down to speed soon!

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