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5 Productivity Tools for Social Workers

With limited resources and time, social workers have to maintain a level of productivity. You know this all too well. You have to keep an eye on the clients under your care, paperwork, and external partners that might give you access to more resources, just to name a few! How can you make the most of your time? Here are 5 productivity tools that you can integrate into your workflow.

  1. Calendly

  2. Notion

  3. Airtable

  4. Loom

  5. Zapier


Fuss-free appointment scheduling without back-and-forth emails

As a social worker, you spend a good amount of time engaging with clients. The back-and-forth communication to find the time that works for both parties can be extremely stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. With Calendly, you can create a self-service for appointment booking.

Calendly syncs with your familiar calendars like Google Calendar to make sure that there is no time conflict. Also, Calendly comes with Google Meet/Hangout integration, which is perfect for online sessions with your clients during COVID-19!


Task management, note-taking, and database, all in one application

Source: Notion

Notion is no doubt my all-time favourite productivity tool. Prior to Notion, I noticed that I was creating too many Word documents and Google Docs for meeting minutes for example. These files ended up cluttering my desktop and Google Drive to the point where I lose the visibility over my workflow.

Notion allows you to organise your workspace. You can create to-do lists and organise your tasks in the kanban style to track to progress for all your tasks. This is especially useful when your scope of work is huge as a social worker. If you take a little bit of time to learn the platform, you can easily turn Notion into your personal (or even organisational) case management system!


Google Sheets on steroids

Source: Airtable

If you are already using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to track your work, you will enjoy Airtable. On top of the additional features, Airtable is also just beautiful. You have the flexibility to toggle between table, calendar, gallery and kanban views of your database. Airtable can help social workers like you track the status of your casework and keep all the notes in one place.


Communicate better through recorded videos with annotation

Source: Loom

It’s difficult to always have face-to-face meetings or even online meetings with your clients with your limited time. Loom is the answer for such cases. You can record your screen with annotation and send the video to your clients. This can be helpful if you need to go through standard processes or documents like government assistance schemes, for example. Record it once for multiple clients to view at their own convenience.


Integrate your favourite tools to automate your workflow and make life easier

Source: Husky Marketing Planner

If you find yourself using more than a handful of applications in your workflow, you might realise that you might have to do things manually because these applications don’t communicate with each other. I’m talking about manually adding new clients to your email newsletter list, for example. Zapier integrates these applications you’re using so you don’t have to do the manual steps.

Closing words

Social workers are still dogged by repetitive admin tasks. I hope that this article has introduced you to some tools that you can adopt so that you can focus your time on what matters most.

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