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Help Local Communities in Need

What is this?

Swapie makes giving transparent and purposeful. We approach social workers for exact item requests, and get community groups to purchase on behalf. We do not have one specific cause, but we ensure we stretch the dollar for all parties involved.

So now what?

The exco of NUS CSC will focus on about 3 to 5 of our requests every fortnight, and all you need to do is chip in (yourself, or with friends & family!) Due to cashback mechanisms, you'll be pleased to know that the club will get back 5% of every dollar raised for club development!

Our fundraising goals: 23 Sep to 10 Oct 2020

Current Completion: $0.00 / $319.50 (0.0%)

CHILDREN | DIFFERENTLY-ABLED | Rainbow Centre (Syndicated)

A special needs child needs to travel to and from his childcare centre with his caregiver every weekend and public holiday, in private hire transport, due to his condition. Each trip costs ~$15 via Grab, which adds up to a hefty $60 per week.


A hardworking young couple requires help to relieve the pain of their 7 children (1 to 9 years), some of whom suffer severe eczema and require specific body washes. Both parents recently had pay cuts and now need the kids to feel better. 3 bottles of QV Wash will cost $106 and last about one month.

ELDERLY | HEALTH | AMKFSC (Punggol) (Syndicated)

In a family of five with two young children, the sole breadwinner is unable to work due medical conditions. At the same time, the grandmother is now reliant of adult diapers after a recent stroke, which, at about $85 per pack, can be costly over time.

CHILDREN | Hougang Sheng Hong FSC

Formula milk powder for babies. Currently working with social worker to obtain details

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