Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Swapie?

We are a gifting-for-good platform that allows donors to buy specified gifts for the beneficiaries. Essentially, we operate as an online gift store with pre-determined recipients who place requests for items with their social workers who conveys it to us.

+ Where does my money go?

Once we received the payment for the gift, we will be channeling the funds to buy the exact item as stated on the product page, from 3rd party platforms such as Lazada. The item(s) will be sent directly to the beneficiary and you will be notified once your gift is delivered.

+ How do I know if the requests are warranted?

All our requests are received exclusively from social workers who have done prior background checks on the beneficiaries so you can be reassured that all requests are well-warranted. The organisations in charge of the request is also clearly stated on every product page.

+ What is the promo code "CREDIT" and how does it work?

We understand that as a giver, you might want to personally make the actual purchase (on Lazada, Redmart, etc.) and set the shipping instructions to the beneficiary directly. There are merits in doing so, as you can tap on your membership benefits on those platforms, and we'd like to support this! However, we still need you to "purchase" the relevant item for $0 (hence the promo code "CREDIT" which is a 100% off code), only then we can get your contact and reach out to you with the beneficiaries' details (e.g. address to ship to, contact number for delivery, etc.). Please note to use this code only if you are fully committed to purchasing the item at the 3rd party platform and sending it to the beneficiary, as we have users who used it and bailed before, which is not very nice.

+ How do you ensure transparency?

We promise you transparency every step of the way. For every gift, we will buy the exact item shown on the product page. Every product is chosen after comparing prices across the various sites (Shopee, Lazada, Fairprice, etc), so you can be assured that it is the lowest price. You can ask us for the link from which we sourced each product. After purchase, you will be notified once the beneficiary has received your gift.

+ How do I know if my purchase helped?

For every purchase, we will request the social workers to take a picture of the beneficiary with your gift, which will be sent to you. Thus you can be assured that the beneficiary will definitely receive your gift.

+ How do I make payment?

You can pay using your credit card or PayPal on our site. Alternatively, you can elect to make the purchase on the 3rd party platform we sourced from, and get that platform to send the item to the beneficiary (we will tell you the details upon confirmation).

+ Will I be charged the additional 3% credit card fee?

No, all prices are net and the full amount you pay will be used to buy the gift. We are currently absorbing all credit card fees as we are in the launch phase.

You could reach us via email at [email protected] or the form below. Don't be shy!


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+ How can I contact Swapie?