Wallets shouldn't cry. Save up to 5% regardless what you buy.

How Swapie works


Request for an item that you're willing to pay 95% of the retail price for. Product types below work best!


You will be matched and linked-up with a cardholder, who will make the purchase on your behalf.


Chat and provide more details to get your purchase done. Swapie Admin will be helping you along the way!

Supported merchants

Swapie users have requested for items to be bought from a wide spectrum of merchants, including electronics, fashion, and lifestyle.


Here are some of the most highly-requested merchants:


Request conditions

Swapie's marketplace uses credit cards to fulfill purchases. Hence, we will only accept requests for merchants with online credit card payment options.

At present, Swapie only supports merchants transacting in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

We are not able to support the following categories: time-sensitive / algorithmic (e.g. flight tickets), credit card-tied (e.g. hotel rooms), 

To enable the 5% off, payment modes have to be non-credit, i.e. bank transfer or PayNow.

Other Issues

Still have questions on how this works? Check out our FAQ page!