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Shop Online for Food,

Shop Online for Good.

Taking up requests on Swapie earns you credit card rebates and helps feed families in need.

Who Are We & What's This?

We're Swapie, we help you earn more cashback and rebates from your credit cards. This is us helping you do that while also doing good for charity and society.

How It Works

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View open requests & choose a beneficiary + purchase that fits your preferences

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Get instructions on how & when to complete the purchase for your beneficiary

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Buy & Earn

Make the purchase by the deadline given. The rebates you earn are yours to keep!

In essence, you are purchasing-on-behalf of a social service organization, making payment directly to your preferred e-commerce site (e.g. Lazada).

Swapie DOES NOT handle any of your money in the whole process. As a marketplace, however, we will be able to provide documentation of your charitable deed upon request.

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COVID-19 is making it difficult for many families. I’m glad that I can connect with and help those in need during this tough time!


Nur Aini

Just accepted a recurring request on SwapieSocial. This way I know that I can make a long term impact on the beneficiaries.


Wee Kiat

Happy to give back through SwapieSocial. It's a simple process with no lengthy back-and-forth emails

Why Do This?


Know what you're doing at every stage of the journey and how your contribution helps for an exact societal group you choose.


Simple, modern digital marketplace. Gone are the days of a cranky website and non functioning features!


Duh - spending earns you rebates regardless who you buy for! At 5% rebate and 16% income tax, Swapie is $2.80 more worth too. 

Lots of Fun! 

Giving and helping doesn't need to all about sad stories and crying. Help can be fun if you earn promo codes on your favourite e-tailer.

Viewing and accepting an open request only takes 30 seconds. It's 'shopping' time!