Swapie is a Singapore-based online platform that provides a fuss-free way for credit card holders to maximize issuer rewards. We use excess credit to enable businesses to do better.

We are just weeks old but are passionate and excited about our potential growth. If you're keen to join us in any way, speak to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How does Swapie work?

+ What kind of businesses does Swapie serve?

+ Are there participating merchants on Swapie? Must I only purchase from these stores?

+ So… I can buy everything? Clothes, household items and even plane tickets?

+ What will be the lead time be? How long must I wait before my items arrive?

+ Is there a limit on the value or quantity of items I want to buy?

+ How do I make payment?

+ What other catches are there?

+ How can I contact Swapie?

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