Rebates Delimiting TOOL

Other People Spend,

You Earn Rewards

What's this?

Have you ever wanted to get more rebates out of your credit card? With Swapie, that's what you can do: you buy on behalf of someone else, get paid back in cash, but the rebate points are yours to keep.


What's Really Going On?

For every $10,000 of credit limit you are sitting on, you're missing out on $100 to $300 worth of rewards every month.


Imagine a world where you could get all those rebates originally out of reach while maximizing promotions on your various cards!

How It Works

"Others Buy, You Earn" entails matching you to an SME (the "others") who has something to buy, you pay for them on behalf, then transfer you back immediately.


You make a purchase for the SME on their request


The SME pays you back 1% less than the amount spent


You earn 1.2% to 3% of rebates (all yours to keep)

My Card IS...


Net Earnings: 1.0% - 2.5% after deductions


Net Earnings: 0.9 - 4.5 mpd after deductions


Net Earnings: 1.0% - 2.5% cashback equivalent

Hear it from others

Image by Clay Banks

David, 28, Banker

Amazing how Swapie makes me some miles out of 'thin air'. Good option to try paying less for my flights.


Elaine, 26, Marketing

Not too shabby considering 3 of my 5 cards aren't in use, and getting a bit of spare cash sounds like a plan.


Jonathan, 29, Logistics

In this Covid period, it has been nice to be to help SMEs out. So far, all's been good and most of them are pleasant.


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