Inventory Financing Made Easy.

Run good cashflow, do good business.

Bring those goods in with just 80% upfront.

Cash is No Longer the Limit

Don't you just hate being limited by cash on hand and the lack of financing, hence giving up the chance to move more inventory? Let Swapie help you today.

How It Works

Using Swapie is easy. We make it as pain-free as possible.


Day 1: Transfer 80% of the requested invoice amount to Swapie. We will make the purchase on your behalf.


Day 2 onwards: You will receive your inventory as usual. Keep hustling and selling like you always do.


Day 30: Pay Swapie the remaining 20% + [now 0.2%] service fee on the total amount (E.I.R. 12% p.a.)

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Why use Swapie


Improve Cashflow and Daily Operations


Reduce Overall Throughput Time


Focus on Strategy & Growth, not Cash!

Who can use Swapie?

Types of Businesses

We have helped drop-shippers, home-based e-commerce businesses, import/export distributors, and freelancers operating in Singapore, so feel free to speak to us!

General Consumers

If you are a general consumer shopping online, you can also visit this page to request for an item at 3% to 5% off. Simple submit an item and we will follow-up.

Consumers with credit cards but do not spend their full credit limit amount can also use Swapie to share those excess credit and empower small businesses in our economy.

Who is Swapie?

Hello! We are a business & personal finance tool enabling micro-SMEs to focus on growth by leveraging on excess consumer credit. Our vision is to minimize imbalances and empower businesses and individuals in our region.