SME Cost Saving Platform

Pay Upfront, Get Cashback

What's this?

We are a Pay-Upfront, Get Cashback (PUGC) platform for SMEs. This helps to reduce business costs by up to 5%. Qualifying Invoices must able to be settled by credit card or consumer wallets and you must pay cash upfront.


how does it work?

If you're an SME:

(01) Share your Invoice.

(02) Someone else buys for you.

(03) You pay him/her 95% to 99% in cash to save 1% to 5%.

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Hear it from others

Edward, Director of e-commerce Distributor

As a points junkie myself, I'm always looking out for these solutions. Am quite glad that Swapie has been of some good help so far.

Jennifer, Partner of Beauty Line

Never knew tapping on rebates can help me see some savings. Thankful for fellow businesses keeping a lookout for each other.

Jason, F&B Franchise Owner / Shareholder

Honestly speaking, in F&B margins are thin and every cent matters. Good to be able to cut some minor corners with Swapie's help.


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